Third Assignment

Darling Square, Sydney, Australia (Kengo Kuma, 2019)


Inspired by the landscape of Sydney’s leafy green suburbs, Kengo Kuma blended the energy of nature with The Exchange building sitting as a punctuation point. The organic, spiraling facade, wrapped in 20kilometers of timber extends into the public domain both materially and functionally. The public domain integrates effortlessly with The Exchange, forming the centerpiece for the precinct, as a community building in the round and a destination in its own right.

The Exchange is a seven-storeys modern retail complex with multiple functions: three storeys as retail and high-end restaurants, two will be leased by Commonwealth Bank of Australia as its child care centre, and two of which will be Sydney Library.

“Our aim is to achieve architecture that is as open and tangible as possible to the community, and this is reflected in the circular geometry that creates a building that is accessible and recognisable from multiple directions,” said Kuma.

“The wooden screen wraps the exterior of the building in a dynamic and exciting manner, a historical reference to Darling Harbour originally being a hive of business activity and a focal point as a market exchange.”


3D modeLing logic analysis

I think the following three keywords should be applied to the modeling logic, they are in hierarchical order of math, wireframe, displacement. And I will try to explain the three keywords of their respective application methods briefly.


Use the triangular function to set the helix; Set the range of helix changes (graph types)


Form the effect of cross-weaving of façade wood strips (jitter)


Different thickness of the wooden strip

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